If you are interested in trade, send me your bootlegs list or links to your bootleg list by using the form below. Before you do it, please read the following trade rules.

  1. I do not trade officially recognized stuff - this material is indicated by grey colour, but if, by any chance, it was not, then please prompt me about it.
  2. If you approach me first, you send bootlegs first either via the Internet. In rare cases there is a chance to go with the trade using snail mail, but I am not a supporter of it. If you choose snail mail, however, you will be kindly asked to record bootlegs on high quality DVDs such as Sony, TDK, Verbatim. Please do not write on the discs but attach detail of the shows on slips of paper.
  3. If the Internet trade is concerned, I prefer to use cloud computing, especially MEGA.co.nz rather than e.g. Rapidshare.
  4. Normally we trade one show for one show (1 disc for 1 disc, 1 DVD for 1 DVD), but in the case of incomplete shows or short performances in avi or mpg formats we may agree to trade a disk of as many of such files as there are songs in the complete bootleg from the other trader's list for an exchange. Example: If the complete DVD you want contain 10 songs then I would be eligible to have 10 whatever songs or interviews in avi, mpg or whatever format there is that you have.
  5. Be HONEST and FAIR!
  6. Have a nice day and I look forward to hearing from you.


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